Sunday, August 4, 2013

Pathogen - "Miscreants Of Blood Lusting Aberrations" CD

Filipino old-school death metal

This is pure death metal brutality from the Phillippines, and it's a raw listening experience. But that's not to say that this sounds bad or amateurish, just that it's produced dryly, and sounds like there were a minimum of studio effects utilized. 

Opening with the old-school death metal of "Atrocity Exhibit", Pathogen's take on metal isn't about technical virtuosity or complexity. On the contrary, theirs is a punk-like bare-bones attack, with a retro kind of vibe. "Monolith" is reminiscent of classic Slayer, complete with lightning solos. Other cuts are in a similar vein -- pure death metal with a crusty punk edge. It's all good here -- nothing too unique or noteworthy, but these lads' heads are in the right place.

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