Thursday, August 1, 2013

Vodka: Salute American Vodka

SALUTE American Vodka (Better Brands Beverage Co) - 80 proof (40% ABV)

Salute is a strictly American-made vodka, using only "American-made corn and wheat grains from the heartland". And if that doesn't sell you, how about the fact that $1.00 from every bottle sold is donated to US Veterans' charities, helping our servicemen and women re-adjust to civilian life. More details can be found at their website:

All that aside, how does Salute stack up as a premium vodka? Well, at under $20 a bottle, it's got value on it's side. As with most vodkas, it pours clean and clear. The aroma is definitely very much in the expected realm of grain alcohol, which is pretty standard for a vodka. In a warm tasting, I get hints of mint and licorice, which is definitely a step above many similar drinks I've tasted. 

As an ingredient in the common screwdriver (orange juice + vodka), Salute fared very well, added a subtle alcohol presence, and was easy to enjoy and finish.

I also sampled the vodka straight from the freezer, and as a shot, it went down much more smooth. In fact, I'd recommend chilling this well before enjoying. 

So, my final verdict is that Salute American Vodka is a solid, all-American spirit that competes well with international brands that cost much more. I say give it a try when you're in the league for some premium vodka.

Thanx to Aaron at Ro-Bro for the chance to try this fine vodka!

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