Thursday, August 1, 2013

"The G-String Horror" DVD (director: Charles Webb)

Convoluted and confused z-horror

Hmm. A curiousity, this one. On one hand, it's a poorly-scripted and amateurish ultra-low budget trash film. On another hand, it's tied into a real-life ghost story/haunting. The director Webb (himself a veteran of adult film production dating back to the early 70s) weaves a tenuous tale around the reportedly haunted and historic Market Street Cinema in San Francisco. He combines both staged footage (rather uninteresting and badly scripted/acted by actual strippers at this now-closed club) with real-life ghost-hunting footage and interviews with the famous strip club's employees. It ends up a confusing mess posing as a surreal experience.

The attempt to join these worlds just doesn't work. It all ends up being quite unbelievable and false in feeling. The most interesting part of this failed experiment is the retrospective look at filming alongside an episode of "Ghost Adventures", as the popular supernatural/ghost-hunting crew filmed a night at this same club, with the employees/"actresses" featured. 

But don't expect Zak Bagans and crew to make any cameos, as it seems even they wanted some distance from this convoluted and ham-fisted project.

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