Saturday, August 10, 2013

Pouppee Fabrikk - "The Dirt" CD

Fine classic-style aggro-electro

After an absence of 12 years, this Swedish electro-EBM act has returned, and damned if "The Dirt" isn't a fine retro-styled electro sequencer assault in the vein of classic DAF or early Nitzer Ebb. In fact, a notice inside the packaging (titled "EBM Is Dead") announces that many of these songs were originally conceived back in the late 80s, and have been entirely re-worked in 2012-2013 by the band, eschewing modern electronic trends and club-friendliness in favor of old-school aggression, directness, and ultimate simplicity. I say bravo!

Opening with the harsh "Bring Back The Ways Of Old", these 11 tracks are classic harsh, gutteral, and potent old-school electro -- with no frills and no apologies. My only complaints are with the often-clumsy lyrics, but then again this is a Swedish band, and English may not be their native tongue. "Bright Light" is brutish electro-thrash, harkening back to classics like Front Line Assembly's "Caustic Grip" era, but with more aggression. "Death Is Natural" slows things down a mite, but stays angry, dark, and heavy, as does the churning, pulsating "Promulgation". "Symptom" is another barn-burner of amped-up electro-thrash -- effective and cool. "The Dirt" is a solid release, tailor-made for fans of classic electro-EBM.

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