Sunday, August 4, 2013

Vodka: Exclusiv

Vodca Exclusiv (Serge Imports LLC) - 80 proof (40% ABV)

Exclusiv is a new import from the little-known Eastern European nation of Moldova (bordering Romania and the Ukraine). It's a wheat-based vodka, and at only around $10 per 750ml bottle, this is a seriously budget-priced beverage. Goatsden was given the opportunity to try this, with kind thanx to Ann at Utopia Communications.

First, I tried Exclusiv warm and straight. The initial nose was of strong grain alcohol. 
Flavor-wise, I got peppery spice up front, followed by a strong herbal note afterwards. Of course, as with any straight vodka, the finish was a strong alcohol burn.

Upon chilling the bottle for several hours in the freezer, I then tried Exclusiv straight and chilled. It showed a smoother presence on the palate, retaining the spicy, herbal finish, but mellowing out the edges. I also, surprisingly, got a touch of fruit somewhere on the palate. Hmm.

Finally, tried this vodka as a mixer, alongside some peach and mango juice. I do not hesitate to say, this was a refreshing beverage, easy and smooooth all the way.

I say, unless you're buying vodka to drink straight (you're more of a true Russian than I), Exclusiv is a good value, and works perfectly well as a mixer for your next party.

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