Sunday, August 18, 2013

Beer: New Belgium - Hoppy Bock Lager

NEW BELGIUM - HOPPY BOCK LAGER (Fort Collins, CO) - 4.0 (excellent)

So, Fort Collins' premier craft brewery, New Belgium, has started a seasonal series of experimental hop-forward beers, delivered every few months in 22 oz. bombers for an enticingly low price. Under the aegis of "Hop Kitchen", this is the first in the series. I picked this gem up for only $4.19 at a local specialty shop, and I'm glad I did.

Pours a pale, clean golden with a rich and thick head of white carbonation.  Beautiful, detailed lace. Nose is toasty grains and grass, with a touch of floral hops somewhere in there. Promising start! Taste is sweet lager malts up front, with a bitter citrus hops finish. Drinks very lightly and easily, despite the 6.9% ABV. 

I really liked this one. Well-done, and I managed to pick up another before they were gone.

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