Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Vibrators - "Greatest Punk Hits" CD

Classic UK punk greatness

As an original English punk band from the heyday of 1976, I expected a more...punk sound than this somehow. Regardless, this compilation of tracks from their early days to 2010 hits some high notes. I get less spikiness, and more power-pop from these guys on cuts like "London Girls", "Whips And Furs", or "Baby Baby". "Sweet Sweet Heart" is another winner, with, well, a sweet sweet chorus.

If this material were new (it has aged exceptionally well), I'd call this pure indie pop with an oh-so-slight sneer and snarl. That is to say, "Greatest Punk Hits" is far more tuneful than your average modern-day punk act. "Amphetamine Blue" is the Clash meets Cheap Trick, maybe. "The Kid's A Mess" is a driving classic punk tune with both ferocity and a great melodic sense. And the rest of these cuts (which date from 1976 to modern times) are equally as strong. Classic punk fans, this is a must, especially if you aren't already familiar with this great act. They're actually still active, even, and touring in late 2013, so check their site (linked below) for dates.

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