Sunday, August 18, 2013

Headcount - "Lullabies For Dogs" CD

Post-punk aggro rockers return

Existing on the fringes of alternative rock, metal, and post-punk since 2002, English punks Headcount have released their 4th studio album, and it's a welcome change from metallic poses and hipster indie rock. Featuring legendary Adam & The Ants guitarist Marco Pirroni, "Lullabies For Dogs" is a heavy and smart  assault on the senses.

Opening with an atmospheric intro, "Liar" begins things with a near industrial backbeat alongside a chugging rock bass and guitar thunk. They've been compared to Therapy?, and that comparison does hold some weight. Lead single "News Corpse" follows, and it's a solid post-punk stormer that reminds me of Killing Joke or Prong almost. But this isn't a case of Headcount aping those bands, mind you. I needn't say that they have serious ties with the KJ boys going back some years, working with Paul Raven and recording for Mike Coles' Malicious Damage Records. Anyhow, the following tracks also exhibit a fiery, intense predilection for taut bass and drums, punk-tinged vocals, and moody but aggressive post-punk guitars. A strong, sturdy album of hard rock grooves for a more forward-thinking audience.

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