Sunday, June 9, 2013

Beer: Sierra Nevada & Dogfish Head - Life & Limb

Ah, two of craft beer's all-time legends and innovators collaborate on a big, heavy-duty, experimental beer. I couldn't pass this one up, being an American strong ale brewed with birch and maple syrups. Can't lose, right?

SIERRA NEVADA (Chico, CA) & DOGFISH HEAD (Milton, DE) - Life & Limb 2 - 4.0

Pours a deep, dark ruby, so dark that it looks black at first. Voluptuous head, but lace is erratic. Nose is malty, sweet, and boozy. This heavy-bodied, thick and malty ale rushes the palate first with odd sweetness, evidently the maple and birch syrup infusions. It's an unusual and smooth taste, and definitely pleasing. The sweetness continues until a fruity, nutty character follows and brings up the finish. A sipper, to be sure, as the 10.2% sneaks up on you.

Overall, a unique, quirky, and strong ale, perhaps not up to the par of Sierra or Dogfish's finest individual works, but certainly a tasty and worthwhile experiment.

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