Wednesday, June 12, 2013

"One Last Game" DVD (director: Ayassi)

This German (but scripted in English) drama deals with a protagonist (played by Ken Duken), a motley assemblage of poker players, and the politics behind his "final game". Secrets are bared, crimes are admitted, and infidelities revealed, during this "last game".

It's all filmed against an abstracted black backdrop, which gives "One Last Game" an odd, otherworldly, and dream-like vibe. Duken is fine as the confident but troubled Gellert, and his co-star, Scandinavian pop-singer Regina Lund, is oddly icy and mysterious. Nonetheless, I had a tough time getting into the storyline, as the whole film takes place on the same "set", and the character development & dialogue seems, well, slow-paced. 

Not a world-class film, but certainly one with style and subtlety. 

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