Wednesday, June 12, 2013

"Mold" DVD (director: Neil Meschino)

As an homage and love letter to eighties-era splatter horror, "Mold" clearly has heart. But, execution is another thing, and this one still fails to rise above. 

Set in a hidden government lab in the middle of Reagan-era America, a new strain of mold, created to wipe out coca fields in the battle against the drug cartels, gets inadvertently released, and causes extreme reactions in the humans it comes into contact with. Skin meltings, madness, and oozing orifices are the order of the day here, as the group of hammy military meatheads and scientists are forced to fend for themselves. 

There's little to recommend this one, unfortunately, and although the gore is over-the-top and appropriately sticky, there is nary a breast to be seen, and in this type of film, that's somehow verboten. Sure, it's trashy and silly, and the shoestring budget is evident in every scene, but this one just doesn't satisfy in it's pursuit of "over the top".

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