Monday, July 9, 2012

"Ilsa - The Wicked Warden" DVD (director: Jess Franco)

The third in the infamous "Ilsa" series places the cold and calculated Ilsa (reprised again by the inimitable thunder-chested beauty Dyanne Thorne) in a South American mental asylum/prison for women. Aided by her companion, Juana (the gorgeous and sexy Lina Romay), Ilsa cruelly tortures and experiments on her "patients", even selling explicit films of them being raped by male prisoners for extra "blood money".

Released under a variety of titles ("Wanda, The Wicked Warden", "Greta The Torturer", and "Greta - Haus ohne Manner"), this reissue apparently shows signs of editing, though little is lost from my point of view. There are still plenty of jiggling breasts, lesbianism, and a relatively high sleaze quotient -- the norm for director Franco's oeuvre. 

Ilsa herself seems a secondary character here, as Romay and the lovely Abbie Phillips (played by Tania Busselier) steal the show. The acting and script are pretty unremarkable, but seriously, do you expect or need such artfulness from Franco? His fusing of the erotic and the inhuman is paramount here, and disciples of classic Euro-trash cinema shouldn't be disappointed. (Cheezy Flicks)

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