Monday, July 9, 2012

"Ilsa - Harem Keeper Of The Oil Sheiks" DVD (director: Don Edmonds)

This quick 1976 sequel to the legendary trash-cinema icon "Ilsa - She Wolf Of The SS" doesn't fully lose the plot, though it does seem to scale back a wee bit on the "naughtiness". No matter, as "Harem Keeper" has plenty of nubile breasts, blood, and weird tortures to please fans of raunchy grindhouse/exploitation films.

Re-casting the awesome and stunning Dyanne Thorne as Ilsa is a great move, of course. Here, seemingly right after the fall of the Third Reich, Ilsa finds herself in the Middle East and a liaison to a powerful oil sheik. Ilsa is responsible for training and "breaking" his sex slaves, and she does so with her usual unflinchingly icy hand. But when an American military commander comes to visit, she falls for him, despite his being "the enemy". We see a softer side of the chilly Ilsa, as well as a few less-severe sex scenes.

Sleazy highlights include explosive diaphragms, forced sex with a leper, tarantulas inserted into face masks, chastity belts, and forced silicon buttock implants. What other film can offer all of this, I ask. 

Sure, the storyline is little more than an excuse to parade out lovely young women and show some jiggle, but there is a tale here. The sets and scenery are actually fairly convincing, and even the acting is, well, adequate. Despite the inherent silliness of the premise, "Harem Keeper" is a fine example of trash cinema, and a classic in it's own right. (Cheezy Flicks)

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