Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Toy Dolls - "The Album After The Last One" CD

This veteran UK punk act is still going strong, and "The Album After.." contains all the prerequisite sneer and beer anthems you'd expect from a gang of English punk hooligans. With clear production and lead snarler Michael Algar(aka Olga)'s raspy, streetwise vocals, it's a faithful return to classic punk stylings. 

Not ones to be into politics or social issues, Toy Dolls focus more on topics like "Molly Was Immoral", "B.E.E.R.", "Kevin's Cotton Wool Kids", or "Don't Drive Yer Car up Draycott Avenue". Fans of fun-loving, anthemic pop punk should give these old pros their due, as this is pretty smokin' stuff. (Secret Records)

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