Sunday, May 13, 2012

"Frauleins In Uniform" DVD (director: Erwin C. Dietrich)

Alternately titled "She Devils Of The SS", this 1973 Swiss sexploitation romps through a muddy storyline, but has plenty of "perks" anyway. Taking part at the end of WWII, a large amount of pretty young ladies are brought aboard the Nazi military to perform various functions, but the sex-starved (and often nude) lasses just can't keep their hands off the soldiers (or each other)! With tongues firmly in cheek, the filmmakers exhibit a plethora of breasts (and fur). Call it softcore Naziploitation perhaps, but "Frauleins In Uniform" is a fairly fun and lightweight film with solid sets and effects. And the often hammy acting is of no regard -- this is enjoyable trash cinema from a prime era. (Cheezy Flicks)

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