Sunday, May 13, 2012

Craig Padilla - "The Heart Of The Soul" CD

Idaho-based electronic musician Padilla has been a prolific member of the ambient community for some time, and this solo album is one of understated beauty. These sensitive and melodic analogue instrumentals are delicately infused with piano, strings and percolating electronic sequences, and the effect is one of warmth and passion. Expect no ominous or dark-tinged vibes here, as Padilla is definitely going for another angle. The title track, for example, is lovely and elegant, based around a circular piano melody. "Lost In You" summons a rolling drum rhythm to accompany the piano and electronics. The expansive 13-minute "Midnight Encounter" is more mysterious and ambient, while the closer, "Divine Embrace", brings it all back down to Earth with a cloud of gauzy strings and guitar. "The Heart Of The Soul" is a gorgeous and tender album of lilting melody and fragile soundscaping. Quite enjoyable! (Spotted Peccary Music) Craig Padilla site

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