Friday, February 17, 2012

Tindersticks - "The Something Rain" CD

The English gentlemen of Tindersticks have been quietly producing their distinctive and stylish blend of narrative and theatrical rock-slash-sound poetry for 20 years now. "The Something Rain" is their first vocal-based "pop" album after several film soundtracks. It all begins with "Chocolate", a cinematic bit of storytelling courtesy of frontman Stuart Staples.

With similarities to Scott Walker, Nick Cave's Bad Seeds, or Leonard Cohen, the Tindersticks' classy, literate music is mellow, mature, and moody, drawing inspiration from European traditions, as well as vintage soul ("Show Me Everything") and noir soundtracks. For example, "Medicine" is a slyly romantic slice of melancholy, and "Frozen" is like a classic nocturnal spy-thriller in audio form. No, Tindersticks don't "rock", but they do possess a great skill at subtlety with sound, and in a tangent rock format. Well-done! (Constellation)

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