Friday, February 17, 2012

Crucifuge - "Vestri Animus est Mei" CD

This debut from Evansville, Indiana metal act Crucifuge opens with the propulsive "Souls Of Darkness" and continues with the raging thrash/death metal of "The Noose" (which is only sullied by a dry production). Musically, the band brings (chiefly) classic thrash elements to the table, with a dual assault of gurgling death vocals and shrill screams. "Insanity Overdose" shows off Jesse Izsak's more melodic vocal style (reminding me a bit of Burton Bell of Fear Factory). Other tracks showcase elements of power metal, gothic metal, and even grindcore. In fact, these guys change it up so much that I'm left a bit confused as to their true identity. It's a strong first showing, but Crucifuge aren't fully there yet. (self-released)

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