Sunday, February 12, 2012

"Sexually Deranged" DVD (director: Oliver Hunt)

This atrocious, ridiculous, repugnant, and heinous torture porn micro-indie is laughable from the get-go. The believability is sacrificed immediately, as an attractive and heavily-tattooed girl is brutally tortured in a religious zealot's basement. But rather than the victim sobbing and screaming as she's being "violated", this girl seems to be giggling. Seriously.

It doesn't get any better from there. Like a softcore gone horribly awry, "Sexually Deranged" has little going for it, aside from plenty of jiggling breasts and a constant barrage of tasteless simulated sex scenes. Honestly, the only things brutalized here are those who willingly watch this one. Nay. (Independent Entertainment)

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