Sunday, February 12, 2012

"Stiffed" DVD (director: Billy Garberina)

Like a budget mash-up between "Reservoir Dogs" and "Shaun Of The Dead", this micro-indie summons a clever idea, and works it admirably. First, the premise is good fun...a trio of bumbling robbers die in an auto accident, only to be re-animated by a black magic-worshipping stripper to do her bidding. There's a wicked mess of gooey gore (well-done), and a little sex to spice things up, too.

Overall, "Stiffed" is alright, though not a classic by any means. Some of the acting is, puns aside, stiff, as is the dialogue. Thus, I can't fully recommend this one, though I did notice some fine ideas and well-done cinematography. (Independent Entertainment)

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