Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Soil Of Ignorance / Wadge - "Split 7""

This split 7" features a pair of underground Canadian metal/grind bands who can shred well, thank you very much. Soil Of Ignorance's side is a series of bursting, gutteral grindcore blasts that remind me of classic, early Napalm Death. Cool retro noise for metalheads. Wadge, on the other side, are more crusty speed/thrash metal. Their "Maim To Please" starts things out right, with lightning-speed guitars and spastic drumming. "Sir Gimply Biscuits Of Gibletshire III" shows the group's sillier side. "Topsy's Curse" is a violent minute or so. A lot of fun, for the 10 minutes you get. (Give Praise)

Soil Of Ignorancespace

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