Sunday, July 10, 2011

"He" DVD (director: Creep Creepersin)

I dunno where this Creep Creepersin guy comes from, but I'd never heard of him until I received multiple films and CDs. Prolific indeed! Anyway, "He" is a small indie film centered around a pathetic and paranoid man who looks like Kevin Smith (portrayed by Creepersin himself) who suspects his nagging wife is plotting his demise. This cleavage-heavy wife (played by Ariauna Albright) is clearly unimpressed by her meek and obnoxious husband (and rightfully so). My issue is that the characters are little more than simplistic stereotypes, with no depth or complexity. I didn't like the husband any more than the wife, so the question of his paranoia was moot. Not to reveal any spoilers, but I wished she'd off "Him" sooner, rather than later. Not a good film. (MVD Visual)

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