Friday, July 15, 2011

Post Mortem - "Message From The Dead" CD

Hailing from Boston, this classic and early death/gore/punk metal band returns anew with this 11-song release (plus bonus unlisted tracks). But as new as this material may be, vocalist and founder John McCarthy passed away during the recording, so several cuts are present with guest vocalists respectfully finishing up in his absence. Despite this discontinuity, the album works well as a whole.

Tracks like "Human Pinata" slow it down to almost doom-metal levels, but still with throat-scratching vocals. "Pray Before You Die" echoes this sentiment...a churning metallic riff with more than a nod to classic punk ala Black Flag. "Field Trip" rages with a thrash-punk tempo, like if Megadeth covered Minor Threat. This is old-school crossover that just isn't heard much anymore, and a shame that is, as "Message From The Dead" is a killer album.

Post Mortem's punk-metal was never too well-known, but their legacy lives on, and here's to hoping this posthumous release garners them some well-deserved notoriety. (Taboo Productions)

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