Sunday, July 10, 2011

"Corporate Cutthroat Massacre" DVD (director: Creep Creepersin)

Another micro-indie from prolific musician/filmmaker Creepersin, this one fares only slightly better than his tortuous domestic paranoia flick, "He". Starring Elina Madison as the uber-hateful corporate boss, this tale takes place in an office where work pressure and personal lives are at odds in a major fashion. There are the requisite inter-office dalliances, internal politics, and backstabbing as usual, but when a number of grisly murders occur one evening, the staff plays a cat and mouse game, with the vengeful (and rightfully detested) boss at the center.

All things considered, "TCCM" isn't a good film. The acting is quite over-the-top, the gore fairly tame, and the sexual situations pretty unnecessary. There isn't a single character to get behind, so the murders seems, well, apt. There are plenty of other horror flicks to admire, but this isn't one of them. (MVD Visual)

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