Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pan Sonic & Keiji Haino - "In The Studio" 2xLP

This unexpected meeting of the extreme music minds works out very well, with Finnish avante-electronic noisemongers Pan Sonic meeting up with Japanese psyche-guitar conceptualist Keiji Haino in a Berlin studio back in 2007. The resultant sound was captured and pressed up on this deluxe double vinyl, for you and me to enjoy and ponder. And "In The Studio" is a sheer joy to behold.

The brief "If I Could Incarnate This Feeling..." is little more than a minute of gutteral Haino shrieking, but "Imperious Doppelganger..." is a cavernous and percussive jazz-noise beast, with scattered beats, microphone distortions, and waves of sizzling electronics around the edges. Effective and disorienting. The primal and jarring "As Far As The Left Goes.." sees Haino's strained vocal madness and bowed guitar noodles accompanied by Pan Sonic's shrill, ear-splitting frequencies. "In The Hollow Between The Eyebrows..." is an ominous ambient hellscape, recalling early Lustmord. "Perhaps There Is No Need To Return" is a darkly introspective piece of psychedelic guitars and dark soundscape. "Preparation Is Unnecessary..." closes it out with a moody and organic drone.

Overall, a masterful work from some proven sound artists, with plenty of atmospheric & experimental flair. Top marks! (Blast First Petite)

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