Thursday, May 19, 2011

"Anywhere USA" DVD (director: Chusy)

This is an odd little indie that features a cast of mostly non-actors from small towns. As a distinctly American portrait, this one is packed with backwoods rednecks, trailer-park denizens, shaggy stoners, racists, and damaged children. But that's not to say that director Chusy is judgmental. On the contrary, "Anywhere USA" cuts through the stereotypes and shows all the fragility, naivete, and tragic figures that exemplify the American landscape, whether we're proud of it or not.

The film consists of 3 short tales, all unrelated aside from looking at the underbelly of mainstream society. It's a well-shot, well-directed set of vignettes with heart and humanity (and definitely a sense of humor) And with a hip indie rock soundtrack (including Devendra Banhart), this one was surprisingly endearing. Worthy. (MVD Visual)

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