Wednesday, May 18, 2011

KMFDM - "WTF?!" album

As a fan of KMFDM pre-2000 (when former members En Esch and Gunter Schulz were the band's "wild cards"), it's been a shame to see KMFDM lapse into sameness in recent years. Stalwart band leader (and frontman) Sascha Konietzko has kept the band going, with a steady stream of releases featuring wife Lucia and the former backing band for sometime-collaborator Pig.

The band's 17th album, "WTF?!" kicks things off with the anthemic electro-rock single, "Krank", which further recycles familiar KMFDM motifs and lyrics. It's a well-produced slammer, but nothing outstanding from this band. "Lynchmob" is an unusually fearsome metallic attack, with an amped-up tempo and killer fretwork. "Take It Like A Man" is a disco-style showcase for guest vocalist Free Dominguez (from Kidneythieves), whereas "Dystopia" and "Amnesia" utilize Lucia Cifarelli's more commanding "rock" voice in a dance-metal fashion. This is perhaps KMFDM's best work in some time. Enjoyable and hard-hitting, and a welcome return to form. (Metropolis)

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