Friday, May 20, 2011

"Cold Storage" (director: Tony Elwood)

A surprisingly fun and disturbing indie horror here from 2006, with good acting and scripting. With obvious references to "Deliverance" and "The Hills Have Eyes", this is another backwoods hillbilly horror, but with a neat and morbid twist.

Starring Nick Searcy (now of TV's superb "Justified") as gross-out simpleton Clive, "Cold Storage" spins the tale of woman who is tragically killed in an auto accident in a small, out-of-the-way town. Her body is discovered by the freaky Clive, who does his best to make her feel "welcome" in his isolated mountain shack. Well, Clive is convinced that the inanimate woman is the love of his life, and he, in his own twisted rationale, keeps his "Rosalie" clean and tended to, even as she begins to decay. There's a good dose of dark humor as Clive takes his love out for a leisurely ride through town, and the townsfolk notice his "ladyfriend", even as she sits (e)motionless in the passenger's seat of Clive's aging jalopy.

The deceased's sister, played by Joelle Carter (also now of "Justified", oddly), goes on a search for her sister's whereabouts, only to learn the ghastly truth. Searcy is superb in his role as backwoods weirdo, as he protects his lady love from other jealous freaks and nosy neighbors. His character isn't so much a villain, as would be assumed. His care and altruistic attitude for his deceased "friend" is almost touching, in a weird way. Sure, she's dead (and beginning to smell), but his tireless care shows that he has a heart, however twisted.

There are some really wild splattery sick moments, but this isn't a splatter film by any means. There's a lot more going on here than the obvious. Give this one a's a well-done little gem for the genre.

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