Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Weedeater- "Jason...The Dragon" CD

After an extended hiatus and some unusual experiences (lead shrieker Dixie Dave Collins accidentally shot his big toe off last year), sludge-metal pioneers Weedeater return with this Steve Albini-produced monolith of deep swamp-blues-nightmare metal.
Hailing from North Carolina and formed from the ashes of 90's scuzz-metal act Buzzov-en, these feral audio marauders have crafted a potent and extreme album that dares to meld thick, sludgy Southern blues rock with extremely slow tempos and an evil-edged post-Sabbath-meets-noise attitude. No strangers to vice, Weedeater's metal reflects an, eh, "enthusiasm" for the carefree lifestyle and its attendant leafy greenery.
Standouts include the molasses-thick stoner blues of "Turkey Warlock", the playful acoustic blues of "Palms Of Opium", and the immense and catastrophic "Homecoming".
You won't get many catchy melodies here or uplifting party hits, but Weedeater do provide a generous Southern-style helping of chunky guitar pummel and dirty down-home noise-blues that will please even the pickiest misanthropic miscreant! (Southern Lord)


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