Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Weedeater - "And Justice For Y'All" album

Rising from the burnt-out ashes of legendary scuzz-dirge metallists Buzzov-en, Weedeater emerged with an even slower, lower, and dirtier metal assault. This is a reissue of the band's 2000 debut album, with a couple of live tracks tacked on as a bonus. And, to use a well-worn cliche, it smokes.
Carrying on with it the same ragged, stoner rock ferocity as their previous incarnation, Weedeater seems to be having a measure more fun here. Witness their tongue-in-cheek cover of the Crosby, Stills, and Nash song, "Southern Cross". Nonetheless, that track is followed by the spooky cemetary-on-acid "#86". It's a weird, down-tuned slice of hallucinogenic reverberations like prime-era Butthole Surfers as seen through a funhouse mirror in a haunted house. I say it's bizarre, scary, and perplexing. Another standout is the slow-and-low basement-noise-blues of "Monkey Junction, which appears later in a live version, too. Grimy, dense, and murky sludge metal for antisocial miscreants? Surely, and good fun it is, too. (Sleeping Village Records)


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