Saturday, February 12, 2011

"Puppets Who Kill: The Best Of Season 3 and 4" 2xDVD

This Canadian comedy series won me over, and convinced me that someone stateside should've taken notice of this raw, dark, and hilarious series years ago. Shame on you, American networks!
Anyway, "Puppets Who Kill" (which originally aired from 2002 to 2006) was a sit-com starring Dan Redican as a social worker who runs a halfway house for wayward puppets who've gone far astray. We have Buttons the sex-addict bear, Cuddles the neurotic baby, Bill the murderous ventriloquist dummy, and Rocko the chain-smoking street-thug dog. You get treachery, lechery, cheating, gambling, drinking, larceny, robbery, and plenty of foul language, implied murder, and sexual situations. Like "The Muppet Show" for adults with a dark sense of humor, this show had me hooked and wanting more. A hidden treasure well-worth investigating. Now why doesn't Comedy Central or Adult Swim hook up the rest of America with this cool and unique show? (Video Services Corp via MVD Visual)

Puppets Who Kill site

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Anonymous said...

A favorite of mine is Summer Heights High, an Australian show by Chris Lilley. Its on HBO now.