Wednesday, February 9, 2011

'kirchenkampf' - "Lowland" CDR

Experimental music from Monticello, Indiana? Most certainly, and micro-indie label Cohort Records, owned by John Gore, has been behind it for years now. 'kirchenkampf' is Gore's primary musical project, and it's been his most prolific outlet for audio collage since the late eighties.
"Lowland" is his latest collection of ambient soundscapes, and this set is an evocative and subtle set of darkened vapor-clouds of sound. And while most of "Lowland" seems relatively formless, the air of mystery and tension is palpable, and worthy of soundtrack consideration. There are seven tracks here, all titled with map references, but that's no consequence, as "Lowland" flows together as a unified whole. Sometimes relaxing and other times uneasy, this album functions well as a meditative background listen, and ideal for reading (or reflecting) alongside.
The handsome packaging and handmade slipcase (painted and stamped by the artist himself) elevates this release into the realms of visual art, as well, and anyone with an ear for the obscure and the subtle should find this to be a fascinating and worthy piece for the collection. (Cohort Records)

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