Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ministry - "Twitch Toronto"

Ministry's later forays into anti-Bush thrash metal were spotty but good, with some catchy tunes and an over-the-top cartoony attitude. But rewind back 23 years to Al Jourgensen's 1986 LP, "Twitch", and you'll see that Adrian Sherwood's heavy dub/industrial mixing was instrumental in the development of Ministry's transformation from dance pop to techno thrash. A seminal work that inspired legions of followers into the 90's, "Twitch" is still unjustly overlooked as one of the classic "industrial" albums. It's a collision of Cabaret Voltaire and Test Dept, with a social conscience.
Adding new touring members Paul Barker and Bill Rieflin (both of whom would contribute much to the band in the years to come), Ministry toured briefly in 1986, doing 13 dates across the USA and Canada. This is a terrific recording of their 04.10.86 date in Toronto, at the RPM Club, courtesy of bisquitodoom@prongs.

Twitch Toronto

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