Sunday, November 29, 2009

Kites With Lights - "The Weight Of Your Heart" CDEP

Blasting from the past, KWL, this new project of Floridian Jonah Cordy re-examines classic 80's-era synthpop with these 5 light and upbeat songs. Starting out with the title track, these dance-worthy melodic pop tracks with understated vocals echo Bernard Sumner and New Order -- understated and tentative with a touch of melancholy. The more lush "We're Ready" conjures the spirit of a more laid-back OMD. Kites' clunky old drum machines, percolating electro-synth melodies, and swaying, almost-whispered vocals are textbook 80's, before synthpop split itself off into mainstream pop and club techno. Cordy has done his homework, and this brief set of tunes takes me back to more innocent days. (24 Hour Service Station)

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