Monday, November 30, 2009

Grant Hart - "Hot Wax" CD

Best-known as drummer for Minneapolis punk icons Husker Du, some would be surprised to hear this new solo record from Hart, his first in 9 years. All but abandoning his more raucous punk roots, "Hot Wax" sees collaborations with members of Canadian post-rock acts Godspeed You Black Emperor/ A Silver Mt. Zion, but even this is overshadowed -- probably for the better, due to Hart's fine, mature, and well-developed songwriting skills. "You're The Reflection Of The Moon On The Water" is a superb, raved-up rock song that admittedly owes much to Patti Smith. "Barbara" is a sweet bit of 60's-style English baroque pop, and "School Buses Are For Children" is a well-written and heartfelt classic rock-style song that showcases Hart's considerable skills as a vocalist -- a fact seemingly forgotten and overshadowed by his years in the background. "California Zephyr" is a simple pop song that's effectively catchy and narrative, as is the 60's pop of "Sailor Jack". Taken as a whole, "Hot Wax" is an amazingly well-composed collection of diverse, tuneful, clever, and timeless songs that will withstand. Full accolades! (MVD Audio)

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