Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Beast Of The Apocalypse - "A Voice From The Four Horns Of The Golden Altar" CD

Well-muddy, densely-mixed black/gothic metal from the Netherlands that comes out of the starting box like a clusterfuck of screaming, evil noise, and seldom does it let up. The drum programming and buzzing guitars are just part of The Beast's wall of sound experience. I hear layers of keyboards, and a solid bass guitar foundation adding a sense of darkened mysticism among the screaming chaos. It's all a bit deafening, taken as a whole, though, with little variation among tracks. "And They Withdrew Up To Their Heavens" has some symphonic loops barely audible through the song's nearly 8-minute duration. Tracks like "Twins Of Jesus" even resemble early Godflesh, to some degree, with plodding drum programs, distorted vocals, and mountains of guitar grind. These guys could destroy, given some clearer production and added song texture. As it is, "A Voice" shows great promise, but remains slightly under-done. (Transcendental Creations)


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