Friday, August 28, 2009

"Pelts" (director: Dario Argento)

Argento's second "Masters Of Horror" installment follows his simultaneously repellent/erotic "Jenifer", and this horror short fails where that one succeeded (though I seem to be alone in that belief). Here, Meat Loaf stars as a struggling furrier who is led to a top-quality stash of raccoon pelts. Well, these pelts are not simply raccoons, but apparently something more. Suffice to say that PETA will approve of this 'nature's revenge' scenario. It's not a pretty sight. Some top-notch, if over the top gore effects are the highlight here, with some memorable death scenes to rival "Final Destination" or, just maybe, some of Argento's finer moments in the past. But the story, acting, and pacing here seems convoluted, and the atmospheres are pure B-grade...the wild woods at night is illuminated? Is that supposed to be the light of the moon? Eh? Not one of the better "Masters Of Horror" installments, though that's admittedly not saying much.

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