Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Overmars - "Born Again" CD

Taking the half-speed churn and seething, pummeling noise-grind of classic SWANS, and throwing it down the steps alongside modern post-rock metal ala Neurosis or Isis, these Frenchmen (and woman) find themselves in a gloriously brutal din of pained discontent with "Born Again", their second true full-length. This album is one single-indexed 40-minute track, and it begins with a huge, plodding, thunderous landscape of slow-burn guitar/drum grind, with dual male/female vocals that channel the spirits of souls having their skin burnt off. It's a truly nightmarish sound, horrific and chilling. After several minutes, it falls away to reveal a more atmospheric freefall, with almost psychedelic reverberations and Marion's shrieked vox. "Born Again" is a hellishly potent collision of sounds, and will easily appeal to a varied audience, from death/grind/black metal fans to more avante-leaning industrial-noise heads, theirs is a sound born of pestilence, pain, and (perhaps) redemption. It's a travelogue of an existence without light, where torture is a tide that ebbs and pulses. Momentous and earth-moving music here. I am stunned. (Crucial Blast)

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