Friday, August 28, 2009

¡M.G.R. y Destructo Swarmbots! - "Amigos de lo Guitarra" CD

When Swarmbots' Mike Mare and Isis/MGR's Mike Gallagher get together, the long, drawn-out guitarscapes that result echo with a sparse, dusty Morricone-meets-post-rock vibe. The single 42-minute instrumental piece here, "Amor en el Aire", approaches a kind of dark, reflective soundtrack, and it chimes and glides with a subtle, slow-burn intensity. The droning, wandering psychedelia begins gently, then rises up as Mare and Gallagher's layered guitars capture a way-out atmosphere of wide-open expanses. It's like the quiet parts of a Mono song that never quite takes off on it's trajectory to the stratosphere. The music fades out gradually, like a ghostly tumbleweed rolling out of town. "Amigos.." is a fine mood piece, perfect for fans of the Neurosis/Isis axis, but perhaps a bit lacking for repeat listens. (Neurot Recordings)

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