Thursday, August 27, 2009

PBK & Telepherique - "Noise-Ambient Connections" CD

This joining of forces of the American sound painter PBK and veteran German experimental group Telepherique here encompasses a fertile creative ground, and is titled more than appropriately, being a playful mesh of softly textural, bizarre and sometimes playful sound compositions. It all begins with the oddly surreal "Twilight Cue", which sounds like an electro-acoustic collage with samples and recordings of raw metal and primitive percussions (though perhaps more ambient than that description implies). "In Ecosystem Interrupt" is a mysterious set of sounds that evoke a dramatic cinematic scene in a plastic baggie factory (with strings)...on vinyl! "My Rare Dreams (Of The Future)" is a more structured, rhythmic mix of atmospheric guitars/bass and skittering, looping sounds, like an old 4AD band being mixed by Stefan Betke/Pole. "You Only Fade" soundtracks a late-night haunting in a factory, through a pixel haze, whereas "Seen Through Cloud Cover" closes it out with a spacious ambience. Overall, a heady and quirkily pleasing collision of sounds and abstracted textures. (Monochrome Vision Russia)

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