Monday, May 18, 2009

Craft beer and indie brewmaking is alive and bright!

So it's spring at last, birds are twittering, trees are budding, grass is mowing, and beers are brewing! This month, I have a nice selection of beers (and, uh, one 'malt beverage') to drink and think about. Remember, the scale runs from 1 to 5, 1 being worthless pisswater, 2 being fair enough (but i wouldn't buy), 3 is average and drinkable, 4 is excellent, and 5 is amazing enough that i will seek it out in the future. Remember, do your part and support craft and indie beer - don't do the corporate thing (Anheuser-Busch, Coor's, Miller). They are inherently evil and will take your soul and your money.
Enough of my sermon, it's time to imbibe!

KASTEEL - Rouge (Belgium) - 4
An aroma of rich cherries and maybe some woodiness, very reminiscent of a fine wine, but minus the sulfites. With almost no head upon first pour, this Belgian kriek is sweet and strong (8% ABV), but not at all overbearing. Very nice for a fruit-infused brew. Kasteel's Rouge is well-balanced, and a fine beer to sip and enjoy. Tasty and unique!

GOOSE ISLAND - Summertime (Chicago, IL) - 4

Nice. This one's a golden kolsch (German lager) with a smooth and malty taste at first, and a pleasantly hoppy follow-through. One of the better Goose Islands I've had. A smooth and refreshing beer with a complex flavor profile. Quite a treat!

SCHLAFLY - Helles Style Summer Lager (St. Louis, MO) - 3.5

A light, pale lager, this toasty-flavored beer has a nicely-balanced malt/hops combination. I sense a slight citrus zing almost. A good and mellow German-style lager that should please just about anyone, from mainstream consumers to craft beer afficionados. Absolutely no problem here.

BACARDI SILVER SIGNATURE - Mango Guava Lemonade (St. Louis, MO) - 1

Okay, Must keep an open mind here, right? Sweet frou-frou drinks can't all be despicable and stomach-churning, can they? This fizzy soft-drinklike "malt beverage" has a lemonade-meets-artificial corn syrup taste that feels heavy and weird. Nice for a sip, but over the course of a whole bottle, it's overbearingly sweet and manages to completely obliterate all my taste buds. No, thanks.

FLYING DOG - Kerberos Tripel (Frederick, MD) - 4

Flying Dog seldom disappoints. This Belgian-style Tripel Ale is a murky gold/amber with a bold and zesty citrus/coriander/spice taste and a dry finish. It's 8.5%, so expect a kick. Kerberos Tripel is full of rich, full-bodied taste, and is certainly not for beginners. Solid any way you look at it.

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