Thursday, May 14, 2009

Depeche Mode - "The Dark Progression" DVD

Reviewing these unauthorized documentaries is kinda tough. After all, they themselves are critical reviews. This particular one examines the origins and rise of England's masters of dark electronic pop/rock, from their days as the teeny new wavers of 'Speak & Spell' to the international rock superstardom of 'Violator' and 'Songs Of Faith And Devotion'. This one's nice in that it features interviews with peers like Gary Numan, OMD, and Thomas Dolby, as well as producers Gareth Jones, Dave Bascombe, and the usual critics and biographers. There's plenty of clips from Depeche's classic videos, and brief interviews with the band to round things off. Quite enjoyable for fans, as there's some nice little trivia included here. My only real gripe? The fact that the assessments only go on through 'Faith & Devotion' (that was 16 years ago, folks!) with no time given to the band's later years. So this one's probably a rehash/re-edit of an earlier release. Ah well. It's still a worthy addition to any serious fan's collection. Newbies? Head towards one of the group's fine 'best of' collections first. This is one strictly for the hardcore. (Chrome Dreams/Sexy Intellectual via MVD Visual)

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