Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Oratory Of Divine Love - "Meditatio" CD

An alias of prolific sound-architect John D. Gore, this new project is a single 51-minute track of subtle, reverberated sound. It all begins as a dark and spacious machine drone (or is it a collage of natural environmental recordings?), echoing infinitely in all directions. 'Meditatio', from the onset, seems almost too dark to be meditational music, as the sound-leviathan here is massive and all-encompassing, leaving little room for any light to shine through. However, over the course of this long piece, the sound manages to open itself up to a more open, and dare I say, even spiritual vibe. Here, the piece evolves into a chorus of what seems to be effected voice-sounds and crystalline tones -- a transformational journey, unquestionably. As the oppression is lifted, an almost joyous feeling permeates the recording. Whether or not this is the intended outlook, I don't know, but it works. Kudos to Gore, as this is a straight DAT recording with no overdubs -- he successfully creates a journey that, with some patience, is handsomely rewarded. (Diophantine Discs)

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