Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Flipper - "Love" CD + "Fight (Live)" CD

You just can't keep a good Flipper down. Most bands, when losing their charismatic lead singer (as Flipper did when Will Shatter passed away back in 1987), simply wither away. Not so here. After some kinda 'meh' releases in the 90's, this set of new releases (one studio, one live) from all the surviving original members show a feisty and faithful continuation of the group's legendary noise-dirge-punk spirit. With bassist Krist Novoselic in tow (on both releases), Flipper's skronky, atonal riff-o-ramas are spot-on, sloppy, and messy as ever. This is thick, sludgy, and greasy nihilist rock that just simply smokes. 'Love' is co-produced by Seattle scenemaker Jack Endino, and he captures the group's raw proto-grunge faithfully -- slow, insistent, and relentless riff-driving madness. Bruce Loose's vocals are just on this side of sanity, and the band's legendary and trademark wallop is still there. The live album, 'Fight', brings a mix of classic tunes and new ones, and is every bit as intense and unhinged as ever. Flipper may have been through some tough times, but they are back and firing on all cylinders. Make no mistake, 'Love' and 'Fight' are huge, mean, and well worth a listen. (MVD Audio)

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