Thursday, October 16, 2008

Benoit Pioulard - "Temper" CD

Soft, blurry, and wispy folk-drone-pop from this Oregonian composer (known to his parents as Thomas Meluch), 'Temper' continues in the direction of his inaugural release of a couple of years back, and offers better songs. The strength of Benoit Pioulard's fragile and often delicate popsongs are his bouncy, almost upbeat melodies. But coupled with the well-layered and deftly-mixed guitar textures are Meluch's vulnerable vocals, all swirled-up in a melange of effects and introspection. It's an effective mix - and it works wonderfully in the composer's favor.
The first track, 'Ragged Tint', is among the more rhythmic cuts here, and sets the stage for the more folksy offerings that follow. Recorded at home by Meluch, the sound is quite lush, flowing, and really quite lovely. If you can imagine something like Nick Drake as remixed by Kevin Shields, you may understand the overall vibe of 'Temper'. Highly enjoyable music for sunny days and a glass of lemonade. (Kranky)

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