Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Amiina and Lee Hazlewood - "Hilli (At The Top Of The Mountain"

In late 2007, one of my favorite Icelandic groups, Amiina, collaborated with famous American singer-songwriter Lee Hazlewood, who added some very wise and beautiful (and possibly prophetic) words to Amiina's song 'Hilli'. Just after this track was completed, Lee passed away. The world is a much sadder place without Lee, though his 40 years of amazing songs will live on for all times. This song was released digitally through regular distribution channels in December, and on a very limited European CD single. Additionally, Amiina plan to release a 7" single including this song and a cover of Lee's 'Leather And Lace', with release date still to be announced. Meantime, here's the marvelous video...


Wyndham said...

Actually, the song was released as a digital single last December, and will be re-released on 7" by amiina in the next few weeks with a cover of Lee's Leather & Lace as the b-side. Check their website, or Lee's or their myspace, for more details soon.

Meanwhile, thanks for the kind words about the tune and the lyrics.

Wyndham Wallace (Lee's manager and lyricist for 'Hilli')

Goatsden said...

Many thanx for the info! Very appreciated! I will be looking forward to the single. Cheers and best wishes!