Thursday, October 16, 2008

"Rock & Rule" (dir: Clive A. Smith)

This feature-length, 1983 Canadian animated rock obscurity is tailor-made for fans of stuff like 'Heavy Metal', Ralph Bakshi's innovative films ('Fritz The Cat', 'American Pop', 'Lord Of The Rings', 'Cool World'), or even Peter Chung's much later 'Aeon Flux' TV shorts. It's the tale of a young rock band who find their lovely co-vocalist (Angel) abducted by an evil rock star (a vaguely Bowie-esque chap named Mok) in order to summon a gigantic demon. Yeah, so that sounds a bit iffy, but stay with it - it's fantasy!
Needless to say, Mok's advances towards the imprisoned Angel are met with resistance, especially from aspiring star and co-singer Omar, who has a romantic interest in Angel himself. With music from Blondie's Debbie Harry and Chris Stein, Lou Reed, Cheap Trick, and Iggy Pop (not to mention Earth, Wind, & Fire), this epic sci-fi rock fantasy tale is interesting and fun, and definitely aimed at adults (the club scene in particular is, well, full of gigantic jiggling breasts). Some segments (the musical interludes) are quite psychedelic, and I'd bet there were more than a few teens who got stoned to watch this way back when...Fine work, and I should add that the soundtrack (in remastered 5.1) is incredible - sounds flew all over the room! Nice touch.

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