Thursday, August 28, 2008

Touchers - "Blithe" CD

A lively and likeable release of all-over-the-place indie rock from a Montana act that released 5 other CDs before vocalist/guitarist 'Bipolar' Ben Spangler passed away in 2007. Spangler's wild and wooly vocal style is central to the Touchers' combination of rootsy rock, punk, and classic indie mid-tempo,and lines can be drawn to acts like Nirvana, Pixies, and even the Dead Milkmen (believe it or not) in spots, but these boys assimilated all of these and more into their own individual stew. Recorded by Seattle legend Jack Endino, these 14 songs certainly sound great, and Spangler's unhinged demeanor is an asset, to be sure. 'Vampire' is a superb and particularly Pixies-inspired bit of frantic dementia, and musically, 'Blithe' is a solid if nondescript mixing of American influences, packing plenty of punch and dynamic. Enjoyable work, and a shame there can't be more. (Mental Records)


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