Thursday, August 28, 2008

"The Dali Dimension - Decoding The Mind Of A Genius" DVD

This 50-odd minute documentary doesn't so much look at the life of this often misunderstood genius, but rather it looks closely at the Catalan painter's ties, affiliations, and inspirations from more scientific realms. Beyond being the most widely-recognized and famous of the surrealists, Dali's dalliances and friendships with leading scholars from all fields -- scientists, mathematicians, philosophers, and quantum physicists -- inspired his own art as he searched for common threads between all of life's subjects, both scholarly and literally. From DNA to the subconscious mind, Dali was simultaneously student, fan, and visual accompaniment/co-conspirator.

'The Dali Dimension' is a fine portrait of the man who continually re-invented his work as he learned, grew, and metamorphosed though his storied and eccentric life. Films of Dali, as well as interviews with those close to him show a portrait of an artist consumed by his vision and guided by science like possibly no other artist since Da Vinci.

I was initially exposed to Dali way back in my teens, and was instantly drawn into his otherworldly, fantastic dreamscapes, and the way he created worlds never before seen, and with so many hidden layers just waiting to be unpeeled and deciphered. I believe he was truly one of the great minds/souls of this (last) century, and his paintings are still magickal in most profound ways, to me. (The Salvador Dali Society)

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