Monday, August 25, 2008

Dead Leaf Echo - "Pale Fire" CDEP

Soft and pillowy shoegaze-pop from NYC, this 6-song release conjure visions of old UK 4AD act Lush, with shimmery guitars and moody (but male) vocals, especially on 'Thought Talk', which features similarly angelic female harmonies. Dead Leaf Echo create richly melodic veils of sparkly guitars and lethargic vocals that seem to convey both indifference and sorrow. Whether that's a good thing is up to your interpretation, but these folks create some sounds that definitely have few peers in today's musical climate.

A mix of their track 'Pale Fire' by electronica producer Ulrich Schnauss is easily the highlight here, and he shrouds the band in a dense, multi-layered mist of intense sound and holes them up in it - much more to my liking than the lighter, more pop-oriented indie breath the band seems to create on their own. And the climax here is breathtaking, as well. Wow! There are 200 copies of this one, so you may need to act fast. (Dead Leaf Echo)

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